Buyer Testimonials

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"Five stars mean, according to Yahoo, 'Woohoo! As good as it gets!' and that is EXACTLY how we feel about the job that Kate McCaffrey did for us. It's rare that you get to work with someone so amazingly knowledgeable and hardworking. After 16 years in San Francisco, we were a bit nervous at the thought of leaving the city, but first we fell in love with Alameda, and then we fell in love with Kate. Not only is Kate smart and optomistic and the very nicest person on earth, she has great taste and is totally savvy about EVERYTHING you need to know when buying a house.

An Alamedan herself, she's the perfect guide to 'The Island' - and with both a husband and a father in construction, she can spot dry rot at 40 paces, let you know that a particular electrical panel will need replacing because it's a model known to start fires and that, given the age of the house, you really should spring for that camera test on the sewer line.

Another benefit to working with Kate is that the other Realtors in Alameda love her. That's not too strong a word. She has a reputation as a pleasant, ethical, buttoned up professional, which means a much smoother transaction for them. They want to work with her so much that it really helps your case as a buyer.

She always went the extra mile, was always available to us and even (politely) pushed our mortgage broker and the Title company at critical junctures to do things faster and better (yes, she knows those businesses inside out too).

With Kate's help, we got our 1800 sq ft dream house in a great neighborhood - for the price of a one-bedroom TIC in the City.


- Tia W.

"Kate is wonderful!!!! With the first house we liked (a total fixer-upper), she had the vision and know-how to help us see the potential in the home, create a list of construction needs, and create a budget for the potential project. We ended up changing our minds several times about the type of house we wanted, and Kate was with us the whole way. The final home we ended up getting was our dream home! And, we never would have gotten it without Kate's business sense, her relationship with other realtors, and her keen knowledge of the Alameda market. If we ever decide to sell our amazing home, Kate will be our agent! Highly, highly recommended!!"

- Kristi S.

"Kate is phenomenal! She helped us to find our dream home in Alameda. She is experienced, smart, sassy, funny, hardworking, a great listener, and puts her clients first.

We stumbled upon Kate by accident at an open house, and before the week was out, she had emailed us with a list of properties that met our (somewhat complicated) specifications. Kate truly goes the extra mile and helps to move through roadblocks that seem insurmountable. Working with her is a real pleasure, because while she is relentless in her work, she really takes the time to understand her clients' needs.

She is extremely responsive - we felt like we were always her top priority. We also appreciated her tech savvy - her quick replies to emails and near constant availability by text and cell meant we were always able to get our questions answered. Kate's knowledge of Alameda can't be surpassed - there is no better person to work with if you're planning a move to Alameda. She is connected all over town and is able to make things happen quickly.

We can't say enough about Kate. She is a fantastic advocate, and an all around wonderful person. Thank you, Kate!!"

- Jyothi M.

"Why use any other Realtor when you can work with Kate?! Kate is a great Realtor - trustworthy and down to earth. What struck me the most about her is that she isn't sales-y and fake like so many Realtors come across. I felt very comfortable with her and trusted all of her advice. She's extremely knowledgeable and was able to advise us on a variety of areas. One topic she knows about that is unusual is construction, and she can discuss how a house might be adjusted in the future to meet needs. She also has a green/eco slant, which is very helpful. She was very patient and flexible with us and took the time we needed. My husband and I were very happy using Kate's services to buy our home and highly recommend her to anyone"

- Stacey B.

"My wife and I found Kate through a gorgeous home she was selling during our first week looking at the market in Alameda. Not only was she selling that house, but she and her husband had completely remodeled it. We knew that anyone who could produce a place like that was definitely someone we would want to work with.

But, I've always been a huge skeptic of real estate agents and what they actually provide. 3% for letting me in the door to a few homes and pushing some papers in front of me to sign? No way. However, when we first met Kate I was very impressed with her knowledge, experience, passion and attention to detail. It was obvious that we had found someone who was a true professional and really could deliver that valuable info which we needed. Walking away from our first meeting, I was confident that working with Kate would be a pleasure and invaluable.

Over the course of five months, we looked at quite a few houses with Kate all over Alameda. She always went out of her way to help us and was a wealth of information the entire time. Kate did much more than show us homes, she got us some quotes and bids on a house we would have needed to remodel and even talked to the city about permits we would potentially need to get.

Quality inventory in Alameda was extremely low and we were getting quite discouraged. Finally, our home came on the market and we fell in love with it. However, so did 11 other people who put in competing bids. Lucky for us, our offer rose to the top of the stack due in large part to Kate's advice, strategy and presentation. I'm certain that had we been working with another agent, someone else would have bought our home.

If you're looking for a home in Alameda, do yourself a favor and talk with Kate!"

- Brian Z.

"Wow! Kate is truly an exceptional real estate agent. We had been looking for a new house on and off again for the past three years yet within three months after bringing Kate aboard as our agent we had closed on a house. It is in an excellent neighborhood, within easy walking distance of Park St and only a half block from Alameda's best elementary school. And it was within our price range!

Kate brought her skills and experience in construction to assemble a team to quickly assess the condition of the home - it's a fixer for sure. She devised a winning strategy for our offer and didn't let up until the house was ours. I've told her that tenacious is a good way to describe her and her way of approaching her job. I honestly think that it was because we had Kate as our agent that we were able to close on this wonderful house. Thanks Kate!"

- Alain M.

"My husband and I moved back to the Bay Area from Texas last year and knew no one would rent to us with 3 cats and 2 large dogs. So the house hunt started! I was randomly driving around Alameda looking at open houses and that's when I came upon Kate. She was patiently taking on a zillion questions from an inquisitive man when we came in the house. I looked around and was waiting to get a few questions of my own in and she just kept smiling and trying to field both of us. She was full of knowledge and a great sense of humor and I liked her immediately. When I learned that the house had an offer on it, I asked Kate if she would represent me while purchasing whatever house we decided to buy.

She was so great to work with! We looked at literally everything on the market at the time! She was so patient and eager to help in all stages of the process. I can't say enough how knowledgeable she is! She even let me ask questions when our house in Texas had an offer on it!

Long story short, do yourself a big favor, have Kate McCaffrey represent you whether you are buying or selling. YOU WONT REGRET WORKING WITH HER!!!

We love our Kate!"

- Rick and Amy R.

"My husband and I just purchased a home in Alameda with Kate McCaffrey acting as our real estate agent. Our daughter and son-in-law had purchased a home with Kate's valuable help, so when we wanted to see real estat available in Alameda, we turned to her. Before she even met with me, she did a ton of homework and narrowed down the search according to information I gave to her about what we wanted in a home. She didn't waste my time by taking me to properties that did not fit our criteria. One of the homes she showed me was just what we were looking for.

During the negotiations, Kate was thorough in her professional advice, in her research concerning the value of similar properties that had sold recently, and in the information she provided concerning Alameda and the particular neighborhood where our future home was situated. Kate knows Alameda inside and out because she has lived there most of her life. And she knows architecture, too, since she and her husband beautifully and sensitively renovate historic homes. If you are looking for a home in Alameda, you must talk to Kate first. She will listen to you, work hard for you, return calls and answer questions quickly and accurately, and lead you through the complicated process of negotiations with you and your concerns #1 priority. She's the best."

- William and Lauren S.

"Kate was able to find us a well-priced triplex in Alameda. With her knowledge of the local market, she was able to steer us to a great neighborhood that met our needs. I was delighted by the ease of processing the paperwork involved by Kate's use of the docu-sign application. This was especially helpful since we live in Southern California. I was amazed that the financial person she works with in So Cal was able to get us pre-approved and then approved practically overnight. Kate's relationships with the contractors community in Alameda allowed us to get inspections and bids rapidly by people that understand the issues with older houses in Alameda and how to address problems with old foundations and electrical systems. With these inspections Kate was able to negotiate the sales price down by  8%! Kate then helped us find good contractors and  we had 2 of the 3 units up and in rent in 6 weeks. Kate is great!!!! I have never had such a easy time buying a house."

- Marcia E.

"We actually called Kate because of her awesome Yelp reviews.  It seemed like, pretty much if you're going to buy a house in Alameda, call Kate McCaffrey.  Actually, come to think of it, reading about Kate was what made us even consider buying in Alameda. Before that, we had no idea, either about where to buy, or how.  And then we met Kate.  And then we put an offer in after about an hour and closed thirty days later on our dream house in the best neighborhood down the street from a park that still makes me tear up every time I take my three year-old there (we moved from a pretty animated neighborhood in West Oakland.)  Kate was informed.  Confidant.  No nonsense.  And 100% able to back it up with results.

I own a construction company in Oakland.  We've been building homes all over the bay area for a good number of years.  In that time, I've done business with hundreds of professionals.  I can honestly say, Kate McCaffrey is in the top five best I've come across.  No question."

- Kevin S.

"In the dictionary if you look up excellent, there is a picture of Kate.  My husband and I found her by accident and instantly fell in love with her.  She hung in there with us. We must have looked at a million houses! She knew exactly what we wanted and found us our dream house!

She fought for us and and got us what we wanted. I know she went ABOVE and beyond for us and still is. I cannot even think of enough superlatives for her.

I am so glad we found her!"

- Maya D.

"Kate is great. She knows how to negotiate and how to get you what you want. She does a lot of legwork and homework to make sure her offers are solid. She is well-respected in the Alameda real-estate community and has great working relationships with the other agents who may end up being a part of your transaction (seller's agent). All of her documents are signed electronically so the process is super efficient (I could sign docs from my phone!). The mortgage company she recommended was also top quality - our pre-approval letter came quickly but was thoroughly vetted so that we had NO problems once we had an accepted offer. I've never bought a house before so I did not know how much care and attention to detail I would need from my agent, I am so lucky I called Kate. She also knows tons about Alameda and she has a great track record in selling her own listings as well."

- Sue S.

"It took us a long time to find our home in Alameda ( a year and a half) and Kate was there for all of it. For some time I think our son knew Kate better than any of his extended family since we saw her that often. So, yes, we were picky and Kate presented us with many, many properties and never got frustrated with our long process. Kate is sweet, honest and sincere.

Kate was fantastic at quickly assessing what our likes and dislikes were and our sense of aesthetic in addition to what our price limits. She would let us know any time she knew of a listed or about to be listed property that she thought would match our criteria. She didn't waste our time with properties that she knew we wouldn't be interested but would always call to let us know when a hot property was on the market so we could get a head start on the process. Kate's husband is a contractor and she has a great vision for homes and quickly identifies things that can be easily modified versus what things are major projects. She also had her husband meet us at a couple of properties that had some things called out in the inspection report and he would give us his opinion on what could be done.

When we purchased our home in November 2011 (it was a short sale), Kate was able to get our offer in quickly before the buyer had a number of offers. During the entire process and the many various inspections we had, Kate was organized and flexible and bent over backwards to make sure the deal went through (and that's no easy feat when you're 8 months pregnant). Kate worked hard and luckily we closed just days before her new baby was born.

Also, since we saw a lot of Kate during the year and half of home shopping, we saw each of the properties that she sold. Kate's incredible sense of aesthetic came into play again when she was preparing a home for sale. Each property looked fantastic, both the brochures she created and during the open homes. And even when we'd see properties sitting on the market for months, Kate's properties were selling like hotcakes.

If you're looking to sell or buy a property in Alameda, give Kate a call."

- Liz D.

"We worked with Kate McCaffrey for nearly a year during our home search. I found her on Yelp and liked her from the moment we spoke on the phone. She's extremely knowledgeable about Alameda and real estate in general. At first we weren't sure where we wanted to buy so we looked in San Francisco, Alameda, Albany and other East Bay towns. I worked with several other real estate agents but none of them even came close to Kate. Kate is professional, easy to talk to, honest, organized and just generally awesome to work with. She frequently mentioned how many clients she had at a given time, both buyers and sellers, but we often felt like we were her only clients because of her incredible responsiveness.

We ended up putting in offers on a few different houses and she was very helpful and supportive through the negotiations. We got discouraged when we were outbid but she reassured us that we would find the right home for us. Sure enough we did! She helped us get an amazing deal and continued providing great service through the grueling inspection process.

Kate is by far the best real estate agent! If you are buying in Alameda, she is the one you want to work with. If we ever sell or buy again in Alameda, we will definitely be calling Kate."

- Kristin W.

"Kate is the best realtor I have ever worked with, hands down.  We found the perfect home--a foreclosure--and considered representing ourselves, or else working directly with the listing agent.  I am very glad we did neither.  In the end, I came to Yelp for guidance, and saw such lovely reviews for Kate McCaffrey.  I was very impressed by all the kind things her former clients wrote about her, and decided to give her a shot.

Sure, Kate is extremely knowledgeable about real estate.  But what sets her apart from others, in my opinion, is her knowledge of home construction, renovation, etc.  It was so helpful when we first toured our home-to-be, and Kate advised precisely what certain renovations would cost us.  Watch out: other realtors try to ballpark it, when the reality is they know nothing about the cost of, say, a kitchen renovation.   Suddenly your kitchen makeover runs you $30K, when you only budgeted for $10K.  Kate gave us the reality checks we needed, and in the end that really helped us decide how badly we wanted this home; and what our top price would be.

Kate and her husband own a construction company.  In fact, her husband once came over to the home to help us fix some appliances that hadn't been plugged in properly by the seller, no charge.  (Thanks again, J.P.!)  When I first learned of this, I wondered if she would try to sell us a new powder bathroom or something as soon as we closed escrow.  Well, nothing could be farther from the truth!  Not one time did she try to force her husband's services upon us, even while knowing that our home indeed would need some work.  To the contrary, when we asked, she referred us to various professionals that she trusted and knew to have a good reputation.  In the end, there wasn't one referral that did not end well for us.

When our time comes to sell this home years from now, we will definitely approach Kate again.  

Whether buying or selling, you will make your life much easier if you have someone like Kate McCaffrey representing you.  Good luck!"

- Kyle B.

"Kate McCaffrey is the best real estate agent I have ever had the opportunity to work with, hands down!  First off, I began working with Kate a year and half prior to purchasing our home.  I met Kate at an open house she was holding and I gave her my information, she immediately contacted me the next day, set us up in her database to receive home listings that met our criteria.  While we were in the process of trying to sell our home, Kate checked in with us over the months, offered encouragement, looked over our listing in El Cerrito, called agents she knew in El Cerrito to let them know about our home.  This was way above and beyond what most realtors would do, but that is typical of Kate.

When we finally sold our home and began looking in earnest in Alameda, Kate invited me on broker tours, set up numerous appointments to see homes when it was convenient for our family. She helped us write several offers on homes in an extremely competitive market.  As the market got hotter in Alameda, Kate offered us sound negotiating advice.

In the end, Kate saw a listing come on the market without an offer date. Within 3 hours of the listing coming on the market, Kate had our bid into the other realtor.  She artfully crafted a bid that  would be enticing to the sellers and they accepted it!!  Once we were in contract, Kate had built fabulous relationships with the various inspectors, contractors, and others, so much so that they arrived at the house one by one to do inspections and bid on work within a 7 day time frame.  Once completed, Kate negotiated the details of our contract with the utmost care and thoughtfulness and got us a 20K reduction in price.  After getting the house, Kate gave us names of contractors, called and followed up on detail after detail.

She is lovely, detail oriented, friendly, knowledgeable about the area, the schools, homes construction, and she has long term relationships with inspectors and contractors that offer good prices and reliable services.  If you are buying or selling a home, I can assure you Kate is the person to work with!!  She is amazing!"

- Chere D.