Why Buyers Choose Kate

With internet access to homes practically as comparable to having an agent with MLS access, why use a Realtor?

#1: It is free to you as the buyer: Typically the commission is paid for by the seller. Therefore, you don’t pay anything to your agent and yet you now have someone representing you that has a fiduciary responsibility to you.

#2: Fiduciary Responsibility: What is that? Direct from Wikipedia, it is “a legal or ethical relationship of confidence or trust between two or more parties”. In other words, the agent representing you as the buyer must legally look out for your best interests. If you chose to work directly with the agent representing the seller, how is it possible for the agent to represent your best interests as well as the seller’s? It is not possible, yet it happens quite often.

#3: Strategy: Any agent can put in offers for you on properties but it takes a skilled agent to help you understand how you are going to get your offer accepted. You need to understand how to have your “ducks in a row” so that when you are ready to make an offer on a house you get that house and don’t waste your time and energy putting in offers that aren’t going to go anywhere.

#4: Understanding the process: Working with a buyer’s agent allows you to have someone there to explain to you the many costs involved in the transaction that may not be obvious to you. They can also get the right people in (home inspectors, pest inspectors, etc.) to ensure that the home is in fact what you expect and to negotiate on your behalf if the home turns out to not be what you expect.

#5: Peace of mind: Buying a home is a very emotional and stressful process. Your Realtor’s job should be to make this process as streamlined and stress free as possible. Having someone in your corner, watching out for you can make the entire process far more enjoyable and easier to navigate through.

Why choose Kate vs. another Realtor?

#1: Local Knowledge & Reputation.  A fifth generation Alamedan, Kate is very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, schools, community and subtle nuances of the Island. She lives and works in Alameda, with her husband and two children, and focuses exclusively on the Alameda real estate market. She is very in tune with the current market trends and data and has strong relationships with other local Realtors, which is imperative when advising her clients.

#2: Construction Contacts and Connections. As a part owner of McCaffrey Custom Construction, Inc, Kate also has up to date knowledge of the costs involved in renovations as well as a strong understanding of the permit process and design review process within the City of Alameda.  Her strong connections within the construction industry to trusted and reputable sub-contractors, architects and designers as well as trade discounts from vendors allow Kate to add even more value to her clients during the purchase process and beyond.

#3: Renovation Knowledge & Experience. Having purchased three homes of her own, two of which were renovated and sold for profit, Kate is keenly aware of how intimidating and stressful the process can be. Her experiences in purchasing her own properties and renovating them have shaped how she works as a Realtor.

#4. Strong Work Ethic. Kate began her career in real estate in 2002 after graduating with a degree in Communications from UCSB. She began in commercial real estate working for CBRE, the World’s largest commercial real estate firm, where she worked alongside one of the top producers nationwide. This experience working in the corporate real estate world instilled a very strong work ethic in Kate from the very beginning of her professional career. She has carried this work ethic into residential real estate, where she began in 2009, which has resulted in great success. Kate was awarded Rookie of the Year by the Alameda Association of Realtors and has been a top producing agent in Alameda since 2011.

#5. Action Plan. Kate is committed to having a plan of action in place. Kate works with her buyers to understand their budget, get them pre-qualified if necessary and guides them through understanding and preparing for any other necessary measures to ensure her buyers are in a place where they are ready to make a successful offer when the right home comes along.

Kate works with her buyers once their offer is accepted to guide them through the entire process and to help them make smart decisions based on the facts, not on their emotions. When buying a home, emotions can often get in the way of business and it is important to have an agent that can help you to stay focused and assist you in making a smart real estate investment.

#6. Pacific Union Network. Kate has a wide network of top performing Realtors who specialize in other markets in the Bay Area and beyond with whom she collaborates with for market data and trends. If her client needs assistance in an area outside of Alameda, Kate connects them with a market specialist and top performer in that market to ensure they are given the best chance to succeed in buying a home, whether with Kate or one of her trusted colleagues.